User Guide 

The user just clicks the image that the user wants to download user first pay for that image in advance after filling little form then the file will automatically download. No need for the subscription you just pay for the image and then download the file you download that will be made of  JPEG, PNG, and the other will PSD, SVG, Illustrator file format. The file will be a zip file made of two formats. The user can modify that file according to his vision.

Contributor Guide

Contributors can create an account by providing necessary information then contributors will be able to sign in and upload content. The content will be passed on a quality base. We will review your file as soon as we can then we will publish that file and the contributor can get profit his profit as mentioned that we allow the user to set price but the price will be no more than 1 USD and the Contributors will remember that its rule of our company the Contributors will get 50% from per download.

We will not allow Contributors to upload any illegal, sexual, disputed, copyright infringement content on our website otherwise we will not allow your content to be published on the website.  

A contributor can upload background, wallpaper, illustrations, vector, png, business card, stationery design, and many more based on quality because we promote quality.

contributor can apply for payment when he achieves the threshold we will sent you payment as soon as we can. mostly with in 7 to 10 days otherwise you can contact us for late payment we will take action on that we will try our best to satisfy our contributors as Contributors are also part of our company.

Thank you.